Innovation for the benefit of BtoB commerce

Our mission is to facilitate BtoB sales. For BtoB, stakes are high : buying goods and services is contract-based, prices are negotiated and confidential, offer selection is targetted, all  information exchanges must be auditable. All this is included on the bebook platform.

Our vision

Replicate digitally fundamental BtoB commerce values: quality customer relationships, full traceability of all information exchanged, cost optimization.

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We are always looking for new talent to work with us.

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What drives us


Simplicity is at the heart of adoption. A great user experience is the priority behind all our developments.


Our platform is fully customizable, making it very versatile. Our customers’ imagination is the limit.

Being open

We believe that information sharing and close collaboration between business partners are the drivers behind value creation in the 21st century. bebook’s platform enables both.

At the service of companies since 2008

bebook’s founders, while working for global companies, understand the crucial importance of quality product information in the sales process. Existing systems seem inadequate for sharing information with partners and customers. The founders decide to start working together on a platform capable of managing catalogues and sharing relevant product information for better BtoB relationships.

Together with two private investors, the founders build a team and development of the platform starts. The first customers are signed, and, with them, come their partners and distributors ecosystem.

In times when e-commerce is fast growing, bebook offers a solution to create private BtoB marketplaces. Over 10,000 users are quickly registered on the platform, and additional features are added.

2017 – bebook is a market reference with its product referencing BtoB platform.

In times when e-commerce for BtoB users is booming, bebook has a tried and tested solution to create private marketplaces where corporate buyers can offer negociated products to their internal customers.