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Béatrice Pachebat

A graduate in Engineering (Ingénieur Civil des Mines) and holder of an INSEAD MBA, Béatrice worked for 20 years in industrial groups and consulting firms.
A specialist of digital transformation, Béatrice put her vision of XXIst century purchasing management in the bebook platform, with a smooth user experience for target.
Winner of the start-up incubator Paris-Pionnières / Willa and R&D Scientipôle awards, Béatrice oversees the technology and business development of bebook since 2008.

Bruno Pontlevé

A java developer since 1998, Bruno is a specialist of the server side for web applications. Working for various web agencies, he helped develop enterprise portals for companies such as France Télévisions, Leroy Merlin, Look Voyages, Noos / Numericable… Bruno has been working for bebook since 2010 and helped develop bebook Studio in its current version.
Constantly monitoring technological developments, he successfully pioneered new technologies and is the Head of R&D and DevOps for bebook.

Serge Guillerme

Passionate about new technologies and the digital economy, Serge worked in marketing and business development positions in start-ups (Evalimage, EntropySoft) and international corporations (Salesforce, Sony).
Serge joined bebook in 2017.

Becky Reczinski

Working for bebook since 2011, Becky brings her know-how for customers in the telecoms and luxury goods sectors, where high quality customer service and product excellence are necessary. A graduate of Columbia University (NYC), Becky has been working in France for more than 20 years for international companies. Customer satisfaction is her main objective, and she is constantly working for a better user experience. Previously, Becky worked for IT companies such as Apple Europe, where she managed marketing programs for the sales and education departments. Furthermore, Becky’s experience with hiring and training make her very efficient to put into effect personalized customer training programs, according to the scope of projects and staff experience.

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